DC Executive Editor and Senior VP Dan Didio just tweeted this picture of Ben Affeck’s Batsuti arriving at San Diego Comics Con, and today Director Zack Snyder posted a picture of Henry Cavill aka Man of Steel going Jedi in a new picture we posted previously. We feel like something BIG is coming to SDCC!!! Hope everyone is ready!
DC Executive Editor and Senior VP Dan Didio just tweeted this picture of Ben Affeck’s Batsuti arriving at San Diego Comics Con, and today Director Zack Snyder posted a picture of Henry Cavill aka Man of Steel going Jedi in a new picture we posted previously. We feel like something BIG is coming to SDCC!!! Hope everyone is ready!

DC Executive Editor and Senior VP Dan Didio just tweeted this picture of Ben Affeck’s Batsuti arriving at San Diego Comics Con, and today Director Zack Snyder posted a picture of Henry Cavill aka Man of Steel going Jedi in a new picture we posted previously. We feel like something BIG is coming to SDCC!!! Hope everyone is ready!

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Zack Snyder just tweeted this picture of Henry gone Star Wars! He hashtagged it, #superjedi!

Is this a reference to a stealth appearance by Henry and Zack at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con? Or a BatmanvSuperman reference? Hopefully we will get answers this Saturday starting at 10am PT.

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Written by: Geoff Johns

Art by: Johns Romita Jr / Janson Martin

Review by: henrycavillonlinecom


Second installment in Geoff Johns’ run in Superman, and the story is leading us to interesting places.

This issue started with such delightful panels at the Daily Planet, I repeat myself: how good is to see the gang again: Perry, Lois, Jimmy. Steve, I even missed Cat Grant! With Perry trying to pursue the identity of the new hero in town and driving his staff crazy we see the return of the prodigal son: CLARK KENT.

Such a wanted and needed return in Superman’s books and it seems that finally we are getting him back. As I said in my preview review of Superman # 32, when writers take away Clark there is massive destruction of the narrative. No Clark Kent, no connection to Superman, plain and simple. Readers need to feel a connection with the character, having Superman fighting 24/7 only shows what he can do with his powers, but we need to know WHY is he fighting for. Is it just because he can, or because he wants to? A machine can fight, but only a person could have reasons to fight for, see the difference? So far writers have only focused in Kal-El, and honestly it could have started trying to prove all the amazing things Superman can do with his powers when he has no one to ground him: no Kents, no Lois around he could be more “free” to be the superhero, but at the end of the day it delivered an arrogant and disregard for humans as it appear he only sees us as mere puppets.

Fortunately for us, Johns is trying to bring Superman to Earth, to bring back his humanity, and he is giving us a very good start making Clark Kent the star of this issue. Yes, Superman makes an appearance but not in the way that dismisses Clark. As he agrees to help Perry with the “Ulysses” story are we to assume that he is officially back at the Daily Planet? I really hope so!

I like the new character Ulysses, it reminds me a lot of Clark, he is naive, charming, compassionate and loves humans, he might need a few classes in how not to make a mess when protecting us, but nothing that mild mannered Clark can’t handle. And what a beautiful and heartbreaking way to end this issue. We’re glad for Ulysses, but boy, oh boy, don’t we miss The Kents? We all are with you Clark!

Johns Romita Jr. and Janson Martin are making a good job with pencils and inks here, I can’t complaint with the way Romita draws Clark, Ulysses and beautiful Lois. 

Final verdict: this was another good issue, I can’t recommend this enough to readers. Justifiably, many of us are skeptical to buy Superman’s books these days, we all know that since the reboot started, this character has been neglected and almost abandoned. But I like where this is going, I might want to see a lot more of Lois, but at least she has been present in 2 issues and without being Laniac or possessed by any evil being, for now is a good thing. Let’s hope Johns & team could stay away and free from Editorial mandates, so they all can deliver to us the Superman we all are eager to read, because it is about time we can join him in the sun!



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The pics just keep on coming! Marina Vazquez shared her picture with Henry via Henry Cavill Fan Page.

Awesome picture! Thank you for sharing!

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NEW PIC ALERT One more pic from this weekend. imduren (IG) ran into Henry on his breakfast run.

Out having breakfast and ran into my boy Henry. #HenryCavil
Fantastic pic! Thank you for sharing it!

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Author: Greg Pak

Pencils: Aaron Kuder

Review by: kimmiecoo

I am sorry this review of Action Comics #33 is so late. Had many issues with my computer but now that I am fully up and running, ready to write, I wish I could bring you a review that praises the latest issue and how this multi-book, three-months plus Doomed storyline is firing on all cylinders and cannot be missed. Alas I cannot. In fact, I really do not have anything new to add to what had been said in my Action Comics #31 and #32 reviews.

Let me say when Action is good it is very good but when it misses, it misses.

As I have said in my previous reviews, I really love the way Greg Pak writes Clark and in particular giving us great insight in Clark’s constant internal battle with the Doomsday virus that is making him want to act, think and react in very violent, destructive, reactionary, non-Superman ways.

I also continue to enjoy the presence of John Henry Irons aka Steel and his continuing character development from his first appearance in Grant Morrison’s Action run. His unbending, constant belief in Superman despite Superman’s current situation as well as him always trying to act and do what Superman would do and stating it out loud is great to read. Steel is the human example of Superman serving as the symbol of hope even in such dire times.

Unfortunately when the story moves away from Clark, that is where Action and on the broader scale, Doomed stumbles. While I do appreciate the revamping of Lana Lang and having her being an ecological electrical engineer and while I do understand on an objective level especially when taking editorial and past writers’ decisions into context why Lana is the current proverbial leading lady of Action, her literally being the one and only to figure out everything that is wrong – from the Smallville virus to knowing something is not right with Lois is way too much. Once again this shines a glaring spotlight on the continuing mistreatment and underdevelopment of Lois Lane, the oldest character in the Superman mythos second only to Clark/Superman himself.

Lois has been relegated to a third tier level character, even a background character at times and when she does get her moments in the spotlight, she is the “villain” (a Brainiac-infected Lois but if you’re only reading Action, you would not know this because Pak has not revealed this in any of the issues Action so far.). I fear that when Lois’ moment of “redemption” does occur, it will fall flat and not have any major meaning or impact because her development has been sorely lacking. I won’t repeat my complaints about the handling of Lois Lane in the new 52 reboot (see Action #33 review), but I have to shake my head at those who gave the okay to make Lois Lane a quasi-villain.

All I can say is another month, another issue, another step closer to this Doomed story reaching its conclusion.


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NEW PIC ALERT Sara Dag was one more lucky fan to meet Henry on Saturday night! She shared her picture via Facebook. This is what she had to say.

My favorite actor for the past 12 years! I may or may not have blacked out from excitement.
Congrats Sarah! Wonderful picture!

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Happy Monday! Here’s one more picture from Henry’s weekend adventure in metro Detroit at an annual bbq festival. The picture is via @JustJared. Also spotlighted are the pictures of long time fan @itselizabethj (Instagram and Twitter). She shared her exclusive fan story with us. You can read it here and see the great video she shot.

Also featured was Nicole Castro @000_nico_000 (Twitter). She has a Count of Monte Cristo tattoo that she forgot to show Henry.

There are also a few other pictures to check out on their site.

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@ItsElizabethJ is one of the few lucky fans to meet Henry Cavill twice.  She met him the first time in 2011 and then again last night right in time for her birthday.

She reached out to us to share her picture and her story. 

How did you run into Henry?

I met him in Chicago a few years back and printed the photo and he signed it last night.  Him and his entourage were amazed by it!  

Elizabeth first met Henry in downtown Chicago during Man of Steel filming in September, 2011.  She graciously agreed to share the picture she had Henry sign last night.

When we learned that Elizabeth met Henry during filming in 2011 and 2014, it occurred to us that we finally have an expert on our hands. She would know the answers.  Has Henry put on more muscle this time?  Is he more “swole?”  We had to know!

Wow, so you are qualified to say if he really is bigger now than when he filmed Man of Steel?

I will send you both pictures in a split next to each other.  We can let his fans be the judge after seeing the photo!

We count ourselves as fans.  We definitely think so!  Let us know what you think?

Did you have the chance to chat with him?  We saw another video from last night.  It looked quite hectic.

"It was hectic indeed."  "We mostly talked about the old photo I showed him."

You can see how hectic it was in the video that she has uploaded to her YouTube channel.

Does this scene look familiar?  You would think this is outside Chateau Marmont,  

But it’s not.  This is suburban Detroit.  Apparently ALL of Hollywood has come to Michigan.  

Have you been following the filming of Batman v. Superman?

Yes, not too close, but just enough to know what’s going on.  I’ve seen the set up by the studio and its incredible!

I agree.  I had a chance to see the sets in person at the beginning of June.  You can see our post here. 

Elizabeth let us know that meeting Henry is a mix of business and pleasure for her. 

Yes it’s a bit of both.  I do entertainment work and then other stuff is just for fun.

Elizabeth thinks she may run into Henry again.  If she does, she has graciously offered to ask him some questions from the fans.  If you  have questions that you would like to ask Henry send us an email at info@HenryCavillOnline.com.  You can also tweet us @henrycavillfan_.  We will pass them on to Elizabeth.  And people, lets keep it respectable.

Thanks again to Elizabeth for sharing her photos and video!  We appreciate it and so do the fans that aren’t able to have that Michigan experience.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been busy promoting his new movie Hercules.  While speaking with Digital Spy, he was asked who would win in a fight between his Hercules and Henry Cavill’s Superman.  The Rock told us somethings we didn’t know.

I know Henry very well.  He’s a buddy of mine.

Wait!  What????  Henry and The Rock have been hanging out?  When was this?  And how do we get an invite to this party?

The Rock continued on to answer the question.  

And who would win in a fight between Hercules and Superman?

The Rock further clarified before giving his answer.

Just to be clear you are talking about my Hercules against Henry’s Superman?

The interviewer confirmed he was.  The Rock’s answer.

I would take my club and I would knock Superman into next week.  And, I would whoop his a** for leaving!

Umm. we love The Rock.  No one works harder, but, uh, NO!  Superman only need look at Hercules and he’s fritter.  But the trash talking is very entertaining.  

The Rock is slated for a yet unannounced DC universe movie.  Could this movie have him appearing along Henry’s Superman at one point?  It would be fun to see The Rock trash talk Superman on the big screen.  I guess we will have to wait and see. 

Source:  Digital Spy

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