Written by: Greg Pak

Art by: Aaron Kuder

Variant Cover: Neal Adams

Review by: cloisismyfairytale

October is here, and we are almost done with the Doomed arc. It was brought around nicely at the end of Doomed 2, with Superman saving the day. But (I’m sure we’ve all seen it by now) we had a nice little moment at the end, where we were shown this shattered pieces of the Multiverse being controlled or kept by a big bad Brainiac.

So I asked myself, what could Doomed really have been for Superman? I think it’s really in the crux of the story. Superman was sick. His sales. His New 52 concept. Everything about him was covered in darkness. Now he’s beaten that darkness. This was represented by the Doomsday virus and Brainiac. The sickness and getting rid of the old (Brainiac was one of the first villains he faced). This is now the healing process. After all of us being sick and tired of this, we’ve purged away the darkness. Like a detox. What comes after? Let’s look at the clues…

Superman has returned to Earth after 60 days. He’s greeted by a shot of Kryptonite from a WayneTech satellite (Hi Bruce, nice to see ya too). This of course weakens him and he’s saved by a sight for sore eyes: Kara! I love Greg Pak’s characterization of Kara. No longer are these two cousins fighting but helping each other. She’s happy he’s alive. She’s shown to truly care for him. She comforts him. Almost like the brother/sister relationship that I’ve come to expect from them. She has even taken up his mantle and helped people while Superman was gone. 10/10 to Greg Pak for his Kara.

Kara takes her cousin to the Fortress of Solitude. It is in ruins. His zoo animals and the bottle city of Kandor are sucked into the Phantom Zone, and everything is shut down. But Clark steps up to the controls and resets the systems (Clark says reboot, but we don’t like that word so let’s us reset). After war comes the rebuilding process. Let’s look at all of this for a moment. Kara and Clark are no longer angry and fighting, a clear different direction from the inception of the New 52. Then Clark’s resetting the Fortress’ systems. Could this mean Superman is being reset?  The Fortress is made up of living crystals, and “She needs to heal” like Superman. After this battle, this war with Doomsday and Brainiac, we all need a break to heal our systems from this Superman. Could this mean a metaphorical reset too? (I mean on the reset page, there is a Superman with a spit-curl! Not very New 52)

When we need to get better, when we need to find ourselves again, there is one place we go to. Home. And I’m so glad that for Clark his home is still Smallville. Home is where the heart is. I’m hoping that by the time these systems reset, Superman, Clark, will have heart in the story again. I love him remembering The Kent’s. Remembering his father’s words “Gift not a curse” because that is what Superman is. He will never be a curse on humanity. Ever. His powers are a great gift and he should feel that way always, because when he believes in himself, when he believes in his purpose, he is a better Superman.

Speaking of curses we are met by Clark Kent’s best friend from childhood, Lana Lang. At first she is happy Clark is back, but then, she shows a truly selfish and spiteful streak. Clark knows lives were lost. Thousands of lives were lost. He feels responsible for that. He is carrying that weight on his shoulders and he will always carry it with him. He’s Clark. He felt remorse and begged forgiveness for killing plant and animal life. He feels all life is precious. Lana dumps to this heavy weight by adding her parents’ lives. She cuts him deep by saying he shouldn’t have missed saving them.

I don’t care what anyone says, that was downright mean! As a best friend, to say that to your clearly hurt friend, and then let it purposely just hang in the air, to make him feel worse… She should be dropped off of Team Superman. I hated it! I disliked Lana in these panels! She of all the people around him should know exactly what he went through to save the world. She was in his head! She saw what he was fighting. She made him feel guilty. She offered no support. It broke my heart. He’s a man, not a God. He couldn’t have saved everyone.

We see Lana and John Henry Irons (Steel) are dating, and worse more, Clark isn’t needed in Smallville. He’s made to feel like an outsider in his own home.

He then visits Bruce, where Bruce explains that he built the satellite as a precaution in case Clark was still infected by the Doomsday virus. Bruce then echoes a message from Lana: Superman isn’t needed. Clark should lay low.

We’re now in Metropolis and Clark sits in the dark of his apartment (apparently it’s okay after he trashed it). Clark has time to ponder over this and throws himself a pity party by writing an article for his blog, “Who needs Superman, anyway?”

Who do you call to slap some sense into a moody mopey Clark? Lois Lane. In true Lois fashion, she near almost bangs down his front door and charges in. She sets Clark truly and firmly right in one line. “Then you don’t understand Superman at all.” And she’s right. Lois is 100% right. Clark moping around wondering if the world needs Superman, he doesn’t know a thing about Superman. But more to it, I think this is a direct line to DC Comics. They don’t understand Superman, at all. He isn’t about battles and cosmic-epic-dark-grittiness. He’s about heart, soul and goodness. 10/10 Greg Pak.

Lois then goes on to snap back with a powerful article.

“You call him an alien, but this is where he belongs.”

THIS! This is why Clark/Superman needs Lois Lane! She is the one true pure believer.  She is the one to accept him, faults and all.

“But that’s not just about him inspiring us. That’s about us showing him the way.”

For so long we’ve asked, why New 52 Superman cares about us humans if he is so alienated. Here it is.

Because he loves us. He loves humanity. We are his inspiration, as much as he is ours. He sees our potential to be better, and this drives him to be our hero. And when we see him fighting the good fight, in him we see our potential to be better. This is why he puts on the cape, and fights every day for humanity’s chance to live, and why he will never stop fighting. Does the world need Superman? Yes. Yes we so desperately do.

“I don’t know where Superman is. But he better get his butt back home. Because he needs to see this.”

Lois Lane, thank you.

Yes. Superman does need to see this. While his friends basically tell him that he’s useless, Lois pleads for Superman’s return, because she knows that if the world didn’t have a Superman, we would still have been attacked by Brainiac, collected, that was never his fault, but we also wouldn’t have had the opportunity to say “What would Superman do?” and draw on that strength and light, and be better.

Here Greg Pak gets the importance of Lois Lane to the Superman Mythology. It’s about time someone did.

Clark thinks that she has lost all memories of his secret identity. I don’t think she has. One reason is the fact that she’s written a story about everything that’s happened. Can’t have it one way and not the other. The other reason is the article she writes to Superman. I think she’s keeping his secret, waiting for him to tell her when he is ready. I think that after she read his article she knew that she was the only one who could snap back the hero in him. Why? Because she is a true believer in Superman. It took me back to the Doomed story “True Believers”. In the story it seems everyone listed as a true believer is a Faux Believer and has turned on Superman. Wonder Woman tried to cut his head off. Bruce has a Kryptonite pulse shooting satellite built. Lana just basically told him to go away. Lois, who was not listed, when the chips are down is the true believer of Superman.

We are left with a scene back in Smallville with Lana whispering to Clark, that Lois is wrong, that we’re better off without him, because he makes us weak and then we die. Lana honey, I know this is tough to hear, but we all die. Some through tragedy or some after a long life lived. It’s just the way things are and it was your parents’ time. Grow up and stop bringing down Clark. I know you’re hurting, but this is not the way to heal. You don’t bring people down you always lift them up, especially family and friends.

In the end we see a scene rip and ready for Halloween: Zombie Lang’s popping out of their graves! 


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Tao Okamoto Back In Detroit?

@taookamoto just posted this picture to Instagram of the musical landmark, Motown Museum, in Detroit with the following caption. “Visiting Motown museum in Detroit!📀💿📀You should also check out “Motown the Musical” on Broadway before it ends next January, it’s so much fun! #Motown #MotowntheMusical”

Does this mean she is back in town for filming? Seems likely. She was spotted on set in late August when scenes were filmed in downtown Detroit. It will be interesting to see where she pops up next.

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Back in January reported that Zack Snyder and crew of the then unnamed Batman V. Superman visited  the Eli and Edythe Broad Museum on the campus of Michigan State.  A picture was posted by Mark Hollis with a caption that lead us to speculate that the Broad Museum would be a filming location for the Sage and Milo production.

via Mark Hollis @MSUAD Twitter Picture via Mark Hollis @MUSAD Twitter

Evidence has been mounting in recent weeks that the Broad Museum was set to appear in the film.  Mid September saw a casting call go out for extras in a Batman V. Superman overnightshoot on October 16th and 17th in Lansing.  Today it appears the location has been confirmed by two local news reports.  The Lansing State Journal has compiled a list of compelling evidence.  It begins with the appearance of Crown City Picture vehicles outside the facility and the set construction underway on site.

via Dave Wasinger Lansing State Journal via Dave Wasinger Lansing State Journal

The article went on to list the following facts confirming filming in addition to Zack’s January visit and the mid September casting call.  The museum posted it on its website that it will be closed October 13-20, 2014 and a Facebook post shows someone wearing a stage employee labor union t-shirt.  The local chapter for the union is in Hollywood.

• The museum announced on its website that it will be closed Oct. 13-20 — the week that includes local filming — for “a private rental.” When asked about the rental earlier this month, MSU spokesman Kent Cassella referred questions to LeeAnne Muldoon, the movie’s unit publicist. Her answer was short and sweet — “Batman v Superman” is a closed set and there would be no information. • Some construction is happening now at the Broad, and a recent photo on Facebook shows a man at the Broad wearing a T-shirt from the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States Local 44, based in North Hollywood, California.

WILX 10, Lansing Michigan’s NBC affiliate also reported on the activities taking place at the Broad.  The Batman V. Superman related footage starts at about 0:55.

WILX added an additional fact.  Apparently a local hair salon has been approached to assist with a high society scene filming in Lansing.

Douglas J. Salon in East Lansing has been approached to do hair for a high society scene shooting in Lansing.

Crown City Pictures issued the standard response in regards to filming questions.

"Batman v Superman" is a closed set and there would be no information.

However there is more than enough circumstantial evidence to unofficially confirm that filming will take place at Eli and Edythe Broad Museum, October 16th and 17th. Based on how the set is being constructed it would seem that the majority of filming will take place inside the museum, so there won’t be much for bystanders to see.  

The Broad is architecturally stunning.  The knowledge that part of Batman V. Superman will shoot there only makes the wait for March 25, 2016 that much more difficult.

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Gorgeous #AmyAdams spotted on set if #BatmanvSuperman dressing down in denim dungarees as she takes a call between takes on the set. Via
@MailOnline (Twitter). Giving Ma’ Kent a call to check up on her? Good future daughter in law Lois! #LoisLane #DawnofJustice #HenryCavill #Superman #ZackSnyder #WarnerBrothersPictures #DCComics

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If you think that only the city of Detroit is having all the fun with “Batman v Superman” cast, think again! According to My Fox Chicago, the city will be the host for Superman’s home! 
Mr. Rich Moskal, Director of the Chicago Film Office is the liaison for the shots that will run in the city for The Man of Steel and probably Batman. 
The production of the movie will stay 5-6 days in Chicago, brace yourselves because Superman is coming to town!!
Read the complete article [HERE]

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Written by: Dan Jurgens

Cover by: Ken Lashey

Penciller: Lee Weeks

Review by: henrycavillonlinecom

Finally! Here we are 5 years into the Future. A future not to promising for Superman or any other super hero that survived World War. As we find ourselves immersed into the events that succeed this War we get few answers of what might have happened to Superman, at least to the original one.

If you have been following this series, you know that the Masked “Superman” flying Metropolis is not other than Shazam. Thanks to our intrepid reporter Lois Lane, who finally got to “unmasked” the real identity of the protector of Earth, citizens of Metropolis and the World know that Superman has gone MIA, but we know that Superman has isolated himself (once again) from his responsibilities as The Man of Steel.

In this issue, Dan Jurgens explored brilliantly why Billy (Shazam) decided to take Superman’s place. It feels nice to know that Superman still represents a symbol of inspiration for his friends and Justice League Memberss. Even though Superman is gone and no one knows where he is hiding from the world, his example to stand and fight for what is right gives people hope.

I love how Lois is being written in this series, she has been the center of this narrative, and to be honest she was the reason why I decided to give Futures End a shot and the story has not disappointed me so far. After Lois wrote about the identity of Superman/Shazam, she decided to pay him a visit. She knows that is more than meets the eyes with Billy, there is a reason WHY he decided to replace Superman. Which leads us to have a glimpse of what happened between Shazam and Superman.  When the latter saved Shazam from Black Adam and sent him to favorite DC place in the Universe (yep, Phantom Zone) Superman said his farewell to Shazam and despite Shazam’s intentions to accompany him, Superman warned Shazam that he has to go ‘Alone” to somewhere else and try to  put an end to the War, because that’s what “He’ told him to do. Who is that HE? Another question that we hopefully will get the answer soon.

That became the last time Billy saw Superman, and as we know well he never came back to Metropolis because he is feeling guilty for some horrendous things he had to do to stop the War. As Billy is explaining all this to Lois, we see her at her best: doing her job finding THE story and helping Billy understand that no matter how noble his intentions are, at some point he will have to be himself if he truly wants to honor Superman’s legacy. Deep down Lois and Billy know that there will never be a replacement for Superman and what he means to the World. No one can be Superman but Clark Kent!

Even though this issue is about Superman, his presence is hardly notorious. But I get why the writer decided not to make Superman showed up here. We need to understand the importance of a World without Superman’s protection, why it matters to have the REAL Superman saving the day, and we get to see that through Billy/Shazam POV. His intentions to take his friend’s place in order to keep the faith and trust that people of Earth put on Superman’s hands are noble and a reflection of Superman’s legacy.

However, as I said before Superman can’t be replaced that easily. Not only Lois and the people of Metropolis won’t accept that, but we miss him. We don’t know yet, why Superman decided to go to exile and abandon all hope. The part of him that was taken away since the beginning of New 52 needs desperately to start showing up, Superman needs his humanity back and bring us our beloved super hero. The one who never gives up, the one who will fight until he dies for the right thing. The one who is Hope. We need the Real Superman, we need THAT guy back!

Now can we please have Lee Weeks drawing Superman’s books more often? His Lois Lane is BEAUTIFUL!!! Period!


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Written by: Bryan Q. Miller

Penciller: Ig Guara

Inker: JP Mayer

Colorist: Cat Staggs

Review by: cloisismyfairytale

When we last left our heroes, Lois and Clark had just escaped a roller coaster ride through The Bleed, and had finally landed back on our earth, in our time. However, not before finding out the last major building block Bryan Q. Miller has laid down in this massive storyline: Lex Luthor’s deal with the Monitors of the Multiverse, to reboot existence.

We all hate reboots, so this is a huge no-no.

Superman and Lois find out that the Crisis has already began, in Washington, just like all the other earths of the multiverse. No word on The General, or Ma Kent. But all is not lost, and our heroes will not stop fighting for all that they love, because as Supes says “It’s never too late to make a difference.” That line encapsulates just how well Bryan Q. Miller knows Superman, and more importantly, knows Clark. Superman is all about eternal optimism and never ever giving up. This is the Superman the world craves, and needs.

As always, Smallville builds up anticipation and suspense. We have Lex, who at the end of season 10 was given the opportunity to turn over his bad leaf, but even his amnesia cannot erase the pure evil within him. I love the banter and back and forth between Otis and Lex. Otis offers a lighter foil to the darkness of Lex. I don’t think Lex would be as interesting without Otis.

Heroes come together. This is a mega type Justice League/Titans/All available arms gathering. They need it. This is now a crisis. The fate of this world’s reality hangs in the balance.

There is a great homage to past season finales. It also shows just how much these heroes can handle. I think one of my favourite moments for the past maybe 10 comics is in issue 3. Clark and Bruce formulate a plan (explained more in issue 4) and so Clark rallies the troops. This speech (which continues into issue 4) made me swell up in my heart, and tears roll down my cheeks with beaming pride. This is my Superman. This is a hero I can believe in. This is a hero I can stand behind and support. This is a story I can become emotionally invested in.

But, let me also talk about a rare spark. Bryan Q. Miller’s Lois Lane. For so long Lois has really been shoved aside in main continuity comic books, and the last real time (before Chaos) we saw her being the hero was in Valkyrie. Here, as much as Clark rallies his troops, Lois bucks up Chloe. This is why Lois is the perfect partner to Clark. While Clark is the main front, Lois is also just as much a hero as he is. She inspires just as much as he does. She’s the one to tell you to pull up your socks, chin up, and charge the mountain. Together they are more heroic. Together they lead this charge to take on the crisis… Manhunters and Monitors beware; Lois and Superman are the protectors of this Earth.

To be continued…


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