FLASHBACK PIC: An oldie but YOWZA what a goodie! @elin.beauty (via IG) posted this pic of Henry being prepped for his Dunhill shoots. What a gem of a picture! We had to share and Elin was gracious enough to let us share it with all of you. Enjoy! :)
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Happy Birthday to one of the most talented, versatile, beautiful and kind actress Hollywood has the privilege to work with, Amy Adams!!!! Thank you for playing on the big screen one of the most beloved female heroes in comics LOIS LANE!! #AmyAdams #LoisLane #HappyBirthday #ManofSteel #Superman #ClarkKent #BatmanvSupernan #DawnofJustice

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Gal Gadot who will play Wonder Woman in upcoming “Batman v Superman, Dawn of Justice” has done the Ice Bucket Challenge to help The ALS Association. Two members of the Trinity, (Batman & Wonder Woman) have completed this challenge, now is up to you Henry! 

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Another day, another person who has challenged Henry to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, this time Allain Moussi, Henry’s stunt double from Immortals nominated our Bristish Actor to complete the task. He also nominated Luke Evans and Jean Claude Van Damme.

See the video [HERE]:

Luke Evans accepted his challenge as we can see in the following video nominating Henry Cavill, Sienna Miller and Sir Ian McKellan.

See the video of Luke Evans here:


As we reported yesterday, actor Ben Aflleck did his part of the challenge and we kow that Gal Gadot has already done the same! 


Henry you are the only one member of the Trinity who hasn’t completed this challenge, your devoted fans are waiting! Don’t leave us hanging!!

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The guys of Hello Stonehenge have put together this incrediblie and so inspirational video about our favorite Super Hero of all time. This is a reminder WHY we love him so much and we still believe in him through the end of time!

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#HenryCavill on the set of #BatmanvSuperman in #Detroit today. Via @JustJared.

#HenryCavill on the set of #BatmanvSuperman in #Detroit today. Via @JustJared.

#HenryCavill on the set of #BatmanvSuperman in #Detroit today. Via @JustJared.

#HenryCavill on the set of #BatmanvSuperman in #Detroit today. Via @JustJared.

#HenryCavill on the set of #BatmanvSuperman in #Detroit today. Via @JustJared.


#HenryCavill on the set of #BatmanvSuperman in #Detroit today. Via @JustJared.

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bananadoc has captured the first pics of Tao Okamota and Holly Hunter on the set of Batman v.Superman. She also gave us another look at Scoot McNairy. These actors were cast in roles specially created for the movie.

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Finally we got one member of The Trinity accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge. Ben Affleck aka Batman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” not only did it but made a donation as well and he nominated his wife, Matt Damon and some friends!! Are we going to see the challenge accepted by Henry soon?? The clock is ticking Henry!!

Source: Ben Affleck Facebook Page

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Henry Cavill is joining the #GibRockRun to support The Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund!

Help him reach his goal!
Visit justgiving.com today!
https://t.co/sWfRoppCwg http://t.co/ZYFl25KuUV

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Mark Hughes, Forbes contributor, nominated Henry Cavill to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge today August 16, 2014 at 6:36pm CT!  Start the clock!

To be fair Mark challenged the entire DC Trinity including Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck.  They have 24hrs to accept and complete the challenge. 

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral form of fundraising that has been sweeping the internet since mid-July.  

The latest craze sweeping Facebook involves emptying a bucket of icy water over your head to raise awareness of ALS, a neurodegenerative disorder commonly called Lou Gehrig’s disease. WSJ’s Mark Kelly reports.

Oprah has completed the challenged.  She shared it in two parts on Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg did the challenge and nominated Bill Gates.  Bill Gates did it IN STYLE.

The entire Kennedy Family did The Ice Bucket Challenge including 86 year old Ethel Kennedy.


Ethel Kennedy nominated President Obama.  According to The Huffington Post, the president was on vacation with his family and chose not to do the challenge.

The president politely declined, but still offered to do his part.

"The president appreciates Mrs. Kennedy thinking of him for the challenge — though his contribution to this effort will be monetary," Obama said in a statement issued through spokesman Eric Schultz, the Boston Globe reported. 

Those who choose not to do the challenge usually submit a donation to an ALS charity.

We hope Henry takes inspiration from Oprah, Mark, Bill and Ethel to take the challenge.  Please share this post so that we can make sure Henry knows he has less than 24 hours to take The Ice Bucket Challenge along with Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck. BATMANONFILM nomiated Zack Snyder, so he’s on the clock, too.  And wouldn’t it be awesome if the Trinity and Zack took the challenge and then nominated the cast and crew of Episode VII?

Source:  Wall Street Journal Online and The Huffington Post

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